How much weight can your RV roof hold?

So, most RVs have this rickety little ladder leading to the roof. It looks kind of like a bunk bed ladder for kids (but, don’t send your grandkids up there to sleep, or their mother will put you in an old folks home). You can tell by looking at that rickety ladder, that it was never meant for fat old men to be climbing on. I suppose that if you actually have to get on the roof, this ladder is the most secure method. In other words, you ain’t got no business getting up there.

But, theoretically, how much weight can an RV roof actually hold? There’s a lot of yak, online, that says an RV roof will hold 250#. But, the manufacturers don’t really give much information. I guess they figure that if they tell you it’s OK to get on the roof, you’ll be doing some darn stupid thing like climbing that bunk bed ladder and actually getting on the roof.

Seriously, that roof can get wet and slippery, and there’s all kinds of stuff up there to trip over. And, don’t ever lean over the edge, unless you happen to be already in the process of sizing a pine overcoat. Don’t step on any of the fragile rooftop components. Those things are delicate, and can’t support any weight, and they were put up there just to trip some darn fool like you.

And don’t even think about putting lawn chairs up there, and having some kind of hootenanny.

If you’ve got a lick of sense, just do what I do. Ignore the roof. If it starts leaking, or something, just ask your son-in-law to climb up there and fix it.

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