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Should You Carry a Gun In Your RV?

Many RVers say that they don’t carry any form of personal protection, because they have never felt a need for them. But, there are also people who don’t offer an opinion, because they are dead. It does happen. So, should you carry a gun in your RV, for the unlikely event that you might need one?

You carry a spare tire, just in case you need it, don’t you? You carry tools, just in case you need them, don’t you? You carry a first-aid kit, just in case, don’t you? What’s the difference? Why shouldn’t you carry some personal protection device, just in case you need it? Why do we even debate being prepared for something that does occasionally happen? Are we also going to debate having a smoke detector and fire extinguisher?

If you honestly don’t think there are bad people around, why do you lock your doors? Is it just your stuff you worry about? Is your stuff more important than your life, or the safety of your family?

Foreseeing trouble is all a normal part of life. You have a plan for those unlikely events when something bad might happen.

Personally, I lean toward preparedness and self-preservation. I have had car trouble enough times that I carry a variety of tools, extra oil and other fluids, and a good spare. I have been threatened with a gun enough times (once was enough), that I usually carry a means for a determined response to a lethal threat. Before traveling through other states, however, I always check out the knife and gun laws for each state. Being the good guys, doesn’t give us the right to act like the bad guys.

Always be aware of your surroundings, and trust your gut, but remember that most victims never expected it.

There are non-lethal options for defense, that will be somewhat effective in most situations. But, just carrying one band-aid in your first-aid kit will also be effective in most situations. Which is better, being over-prepared, or being under-prepared?

But, never carry a firearm if you are incapable or unskilled. A firearm in the hands of an incompetent person can be a very dangerous thing to themselves and others. Moreover, you should not possess a firearm if you do not grasp the seriousness of it.

Just like with medicines, poisons, and other potentially dangerous things, always store personal protection devices securely out of reach of children, or securely carried upon your body. NEVER just hide it where you think they won’t find it. There is a far greater risk of a child getting hurt by an accessible weapon, than of you needing it in an instant. If a child drinks poison, you can probably get them to the emergency room in time, but if they shoot themselves, it’s probably the end.

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