It’s a well-known fact that when you buy an RV, you are required to name it. In fact, you can’t be a true Rver if you don’t name your rig. If a person is only half serious about being an RVer, they might start an RV blog, like this one. But naming your RV is the true mark of a dedicated professional.

I must confess, however, that I have never named my RV. I refuse to simply conform to the expectations of strangers. I paddle my own boat.

Actually, I’ve just never personally been on a first-name basis with any vehicle. I simply address them by their official titles- “You sorry piece of junk”, “Pop can reject”, Worthless hunk of @#$%”, or “Ford”.

But, seriously, careful consideration should be taken before naming an RV. What if I named my RV “Myrtle” or something, and treated it affectionately, like one of the family. Then, one day, when the flower of her youth has faded, I just callously cast her aside and get a new one. What would that tell my wife? That she could be next?

And, what if your RV is brand new? There’s a bonding that takes place when you remodel a used RV. Can you actually name an RV that you haven’t poured your heart and soul into? That’s like buying a child, and thinking you have the right to name it.

Can you seriously name an RV without some kind of commitment to it? And, does your commitment mean nothing, when you are eyeing a new beauty? Don’t you think Myrtle has feelings? Are you that heartless? Are you that coldhearted?

You sorry worthless….Ford!

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