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Many RV bloggers will give a list of other blogs that they like. You know, well-done blogs that they want to recognize. This is all fine, and wonderful. But sometimes, just like you and everyone else, I feel like a not fine and wonderful person. So, to avoid hypocrisy, this is about blogs I hate.

I hate RV blogs that display extremely lengthy full-length posts, one after the other. I have to scroll endlessly down your page just to find out if I’m interested in what you have to say. At least break it down into categories. I like breaking my blog into categories so people can figure out real quick that they are not interested in it. Listing your posts by months and years is meaningless. Unless I really enjoy endless scrolling, those links to months and years of posts, will only help me scroll my life away. A journey of a thousand pages begins with one scroll.

Blogs like that aren’t written for people to read. The blogger is just talking to himself. I hate trying to read a blog, when the blogger isn’t talking to me.

Maybe they are really a wonderful writer, and their blog is actually great. But, if they have seven posts about Canada, and I have no intention of ever going to Canada, and each post is five pages long, they’ve lost me after about three minutes of scrolling.

Seriously, people who read your blog don’t care about you, they care about themselves. No one cares where you have been, unless you can tell us why we would want to go too, and what to do there, and how to enjoy it more. We’re not interested in your life, we’re interested in our life. Help us out here.

Simply put- I hate blogs which post several pages about some place I have no intention of going, with several pictures of birds or flowers. Followed by several more posts of the same thing. Followed by this-

  • 2022 (11)
  • 2021 (142)
  • 2020 (136)
  • 2019 (153)
  • 2018 (121)
  • 2017 (187)
  • 2016 (139)
  • etc.
  • etc.

PS- Post a comment on the things you don’t like about this blog. I probably won’t read it.

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