Condensation can be caused by excessive moisture from showering, cooking, heating with propane, by outside humidity, and through natural human expiration (the breathing kind, not the non-breathing kind). Condensation can also be caused by differences in inside and outside temperatures. Windows usually sweat when outside temperatures are colder than inside.

Not only is condensation annoying, it can lead to mold and mildew, which can cause RV damage and a variety of health problems (and even expiration). Here are some tips RVers usually recommend for preventing or removing condensation.

  1. Open the vents. If someone actually had to give you this tip, then bless your heart.
  2. Always use the exhaust fans when showering or cooking.
  3. Don’t line dry clothing inside. The moisture doesn’t just disappear, it has to go somewhere.
  4. Turn on the heat. A propane flame will always produce condensation, since moisture is a byproduct of combustion. But, turning up the heat, and opening the vents can reduce the moisture.
  5. Air conditioners will also remove a lot of moisture. The problem is that condensation usually is the worst during colder temperatures, because of lack of ventilation and propane heaters adding to the problem.
  6. Dehumidifiers are about as effective as air conditioners, but don’t cool the RV. (INSERT SHAMELESS AFFILIATE LINKS HERE)
  7. Use desiccants. Those little containers you put in a closet to reduce moisture. Yeah, it will remove a half a cup in two weeks. This is not a remedy for condensation, why would people suggest it?.
  8. Dry windows and use a hair dryer to warm the windows.

If condensation gets real bad, you could actually do all these things at once- heat, air, vents, etc., all at the same time. I’m told that it works. (PS- use your better judgment on the expiring part)

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