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Reasons People Leave The RV Life

There’s an old saying that goes something like, “Old Indians never die, they just fade away. Old RVers never die, they just smell that way.” But, the truth is, the RV life is not forever. Eventually, there comes a day when it’s over. Here are some of the main reasons people hang up the keys.

1. They miss their friends and family- If their family moved away, an RV can help them go visit. But, many RVers left home and family for the RV life. Also, the constant moving makes it almost impossible to have close friends.

2. They got old- Their health is not as good as it used to be. They need to be closer to family and a regular doctor.

3. They got tired- Contrary to popular myth, the RV life is not the easy life. There is constant planning, and driving, and maintenance. RVs break a lot. They are not built as sturdy as a stick and stone house. They have more moving parts, And, they are generally dragged roughshod all over the country.

4. They ran out of money- The RV life can be cheap if you find a free place to park, and don’t go anywhere. Otherwise, it can be much more expensive.

5. Decisions, decisions, decisions- The RV life is centered around the process of constant decision making. Where are we going? How will we get there? Where will we camp? And so on, and so on. We can’t even pull into a parking lot without deciding how we will park, and how we will exit.

6. Burnout- Many people thrive on the concept of a constant adventure. But, many people bought into the myth of the simple easy life, and then tried to do too much.

7. They bought a house- I have seen many RV blogs end this way- We are buying a house. Moving into our house. Blogger silence.

8. “Simplicity” overload- The RV life is supposed to be more simple. You shed the burdens of home ownership. You throw off the yoke of materialism. You live free. But, the truth is, this “freedom” comes at great expense, either monetarily or through deprivation. For many RVers, the advantages of the RV life outweigh the disadvantages. But for some, the disadvantages become too much.

9. Someone died- The husband, wife, or pet died. So, the survivor quit. The RV life usually isn’t so much about RV life, it’s about who you share the adventure with.

10. They died. Yes, some people do RV for the rest of their life. But, there’s no RV that can cross that great river.

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