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Choosing The Perfect RV

Want to pick out the perfect RV? Here are some tips for choosing an RV that fits you like a glove.


RVs you tow come in all sizes from popups and teardrops, to travel trailers of every size, to luxurious 5th wheels. Motorized RVs range from truck campers, to Class B camper vans, to Class C, to the luxury Class A.

RVs are kind of like horses and wagons. The class C is your old plow horse. The class A is like a Clydesdale- nice, but expensive. The class B is like a Shetland pony- cheaper to own, but they can’t do as much. The towable campers, and truck campers, are like wagons- get one of these, and you still have to buy a horse.


I believe a beginning RVer should buy a used RV, because RVs are not actually investments. They are like cars and their value typically only goes down. And most people trade their first RV in for a more suitable model after only a couple of years. If they bought it new, they will lose a lot of money.


It’s a personal choice. No two people have the same expectations, wants, or needs. There is good and bad about every type of RV. And your idea of good and bad can change without notice.

Seriously, look at all kinds of RVs. Maybe even rent a few. Ask other RVers why they chose the ones they did. Think about all the pros and cons of each, and what works for you, and your lifestyle. And, when you buy one, remember that many RVers will trade theirs in for something different in a year or two.


No RV will be perfect. Get what feels right driving it, and living in it.

Before we got our RV, we looked at a lot of them. We made lists of things we did and didn’t like. We weighed the pros and cons of each type. I started looking at camper vans, then we leaned toward the Class A, then toward travel trailers, and finally, we made the decision that a Class C would fit our preferences the best. Then, we began looking at a great many Class C RVs, and finally found one we liked, at a price we liked.

And it was perfect.

Except it was upholstered in zebra stripes and leopard print fake fur. And, I thought, “I don’t know about this.” But, then I decided I kindof liked that safari look, and I just rolled with the flow. So, it really was perfect.

Except that the toilet was too short, so we replaced it. And, we didn’t like the refrigerator, so we replaced it. And it needed a lot of remodeling, so we did that. Tweaks here, and tweaks there, and finally it really was perfect. More or less.

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