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9 Tire Maintenance Tips To Prevent Disaster

An estimated 33,000 accidents occur each year due to tire failure. Approximately 11,000 of those are due to blowouts. This results in an estimated 200-400 deaths per year in the US. Below are 9 tips to help preserve your tires, and maybe your life.

  1. Always check tire pressure before every trip. An underinflated tire can cause a blowout.
  2. An aftermarket tire pressure monitor can make checking tire pressure effortless.
  3. The tire pressure should be the same for all tires on the same axle.
  4. Always check the tire pressure when they are at ambient temperature. They gain pressure when they get hot.
  5. Get a tire pressure monitor that also monitors the temperature of the tires. The standard high temperature of tires is 156, and the maximum safe temperature of tires is 167 degrees.
  6. Keep the newest tires on the front, because a blowout on the front is much more dangerous.
  7. Regardless of miles driven, tires can become unsafe in 5-7 years due to weathering and cracking. The date a tire was manufactured is stamped on the tire. Look for a line that begins with DOT. The last 4 digits are the month and year of manufacture.
  8. Use tire covers to protect your tires from the sun. Anything that blocks sunlight will be beneficial.
  9. Don’t overload your rig. Overloading increases the stress on your tires. Add that to any of the above problems, and it’s a disaster waiting to happen.

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