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Why The Class C RV Is The Best RV

So, everyone is entitled to their personal choice. Everyone has a view on what type of RV best fits their needs and desires. Of course, most people are just wrong. Sorry, but the Class C is the best RV. And, here’s why:

The Class C gives an extra bed over the driver’s cab, which can otherwise be used for storage. And, in a smaller Class C, putting that bed over the cab, leaves more room for the living areas.

The Class C is the middle of the road in size, and is a decent alternative to being squished like sardines in a camper van, or plowing around in an oversized bus.

A Class C is easier to drive and more maneuverable than the Class A or travel trailers. And, if you avoid the longer Class Cs, they are not a whole lot different than a class B.

The Class C sits lower to the ground than most Class A and Fifth wheels, making it easier getting on and off.

Unlike travel trailers, with a Class C, you can get up and go to the bathroom when traveling (preferably when someone else is driving).

Your wife/kids/whoever can get up and go to the bathroom without you having to find a place to pull over.

The Class C is a good intermediate starting point, if you’re not sure what type of RV you want.

The major downside of a Class C, in my opinion, is that they are too big to go exploring, and most are too small to easily tow a vehicle.

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