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Forget All Those “Must-Have” RV Accessories. Here’s What You Need.

The list of “must-have” accessories in endless. And, others constantly add more and more stuff to it. Stuff they don’t think a normal person can live without. This is a bare bones list of essential accessories. Most other RV accessories are simply desires and needs based on personal lifestyle. Beginning RVers should start with this list, and then add to it as the need arises.

  1. Drinking water hose- A designated hose just for potable water. Not the one you use to clean the black water tank.
  2. Hose filter- This connects between the hose and the RV. It keeps crud out of your plumbing.
  3. Water pressure regulator- This connects between the hose and the outdoor faucet. It keeps your pipes and hose from bursting.
  4. Sewer hose- As well as the fittings, and a spare hose. Just trust me, you need it.
  5. Power cord- Long enough to reach the outlet.
  6. Surge suppressor- Connects between the power cord and the outlet.
  7. Electrical adapters- RVs are generally 50 amp or 30 amp. Outlets are generally 50 amp, 30 amp, or 15-20 amp. You need the adapters to go from what you’ve got, to all three, so you can at least get some electricity.

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