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Imagine- It’s been a long, energy-filled day of camping. It’s now suppertime (dinnertime). Everyone is tired and hungry. Mom is exhausted from a long day of caring for the kids, watching over them, keeping them out of poison ivy and from walking off cliffs, and all that other mom-stuff. The last thing she wants to do is spend an hour cooking supper.

But, try doing an online search for easy, quick, camping meals, and you come up with suggestions like “Dutch oven stuffed peppers”, “Moroccan chicken kabobs”, “Dutch oven lasagna”.

Seriously? For an exhausted mom, “quick and easy” means something more in the line of a slice of cheese between two slices of bread, with a handful of chips. And, do you really need a plate for that?

Let me just affirm the fact that mothers are the most kind-hearted, loving, tender creatures on the face of the earth. They would fling themselves into a jungle of poison ivy to rescue their foolish young. She would claw her way down the side of a cliff to save them, and then hoist herself back up using only her teeth. And then, without hesitation, pour a can of whoop a__ on a horde of angry starving grizzlies.

And, then, you have the nerve to expect her to slave over supper? DO YOU SERIOUSLY WANT TO DIE?

Really, is it against the laws of the universe to create a nutritious and filling meal without slaving over a hot stove for an hour or two?

I think not.

Here are 10 quick and easy, no-fuss meal suggestions that can be throwed together in minutes, for those times you just ain’t got the energy.

  1. Sandwiches- Yeah, you knew this one, but think about it. The possibilities are endless, and not confined simply to cheese, lunch-meat, and peanut butter. Try tuna, canned chicken, BLT, and grilled cheese.
  2. Wraps- Like sandwiches, but you wrap them in tortilla shells rather than bread. The options are even more unlimited than sandwiches.
  3. Salads- No, not lettuce salads, you weirdo, I’m talking actual food. Options include- tuna, chicken, potato, bean, pasta, fruit, and vegetable.
  4. Foil wraps- OK, so technically someone has to cook these. But ideally, dad builds the fire (he loves to do this, trust me, it’s an inherited survival instinct that shouldn’t be suppressed) and everyone prepares their own. Pretty much any kind of meat and vegetable can be wrapped tightly in foil and tossed onto a bed of coals for 25-30 minutes. (I’ve never actually tried this. Let me know if it works)
  5. Mac and whatever- Seriously, what doesn’t go good with macaroni?
  6. Tuna- You can add tuna to just about everything on this list. So I’m adding tuna to the list.
  7. Canned chili- Pour it over corn chips, hot dogs, or whatever.
  8. Rice- Add it to beans, peas, chicken, egg, or whatever. Seriously, don’t overthink this.
  9. Beans and wieners- Or beans and pretty much anything. While most of these suggestion can be cooked on a campfire, or not cooked at all, the next two suggestions depend on having electricity.
  10. One pot crock-pot meals- In the morning, when you’re energetic and refreshed, just throw some stuff together (a hunk of meat and some vegetables or pasta). By the end of the day, it will be done and everyone will be hungry enough to eat anything.
  11. Air fryer- Pretty much anything that can be fried or baked can be cooked in an air fryer. Just toss it in and turn the knob. It’s easier than a microwave.

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