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Remote Jobs That Even I Could Do

Want to live the traveling life, but need an income, or need to supplement your retirement? Here are some suggestions that many RV bloggers give. I suspect, however, that most RV bloggers have never actually done any of these jobs.

  1. Full-time Blogger- You can start blogging for free on one of the blog hosting sites, but you aren’t allowed to earn money unless you upgrade to a paid plan. Blogging requires dedication, and is time consuming. In order to make any money blogging, you have to work at it full time, get around 100,000 views a month, and have an intense focus on marketing your blog. I spend about 20 hours a week, writing 2 different blogs, with 10-20 thousand views a month, and I have yet to make a dime.
  2. Freelance Writer- Many companies will outsource writing assignments to freelance writers. You can get paid to write someone else’s blog, answer emails, or write website copy. If you like blogging, get a job writing for someone else, and write another for yourself just for fun.
  3. Proofreader- Now this wood be a gravy job. Just hit spell-check, correct a few words, and say, “I’m done. Send me a check.” I might just try this won.
  4. Transcriber- Other than transcribing legal documents, there is also a market for people to transcribe video or audio format into written copy.
  5. Bookkeeper- Bookkeeping is, like, really boring. If you have a knack for this kind of work, and a boring demeanor, there are people who want to hire you.
  6. Virtual Assistant- This job covers many of the above mentioned services, such as proofreading, bookkeeping, customer service, email notifications, editing or posting images to the company’s website, social media management, data entry, and many other different tasks. Basically a virtual gopher.
  7. Customer Service- How many times have you had a problem with a product, and called customer service, only to find it’s been outsourced to some guy in India who has no clue what he’s talking about? Somebody has to take this job.
  8. Etsy Seller- Through Etsy, you can sell pretty much anything handmade, custom made, or vintage.
  9. Amazon Associate- If you have any kind of website, you can push products for Amazon, and get a little commission when someone buys something after clicking your Amazon link.
  10. Amazon FBA Business Owner- This is selling your own products through Amazon.
  11. Graphic Designer- For people who don’t understand graphic design, it can be very complicated, time consuming, and creates a strong desire to bang your head against the wall. There are plenty of people willing to hire someone for this. Many people sell these services on Ebay and Etsy.
  12. Digital Marketer- This is another complicated mystery for people who don’t understand digital stuff like social media marketing and email marketing.
  13. Web Designer- OK, lets just admit it- Everything digital and computer related is complicated. If you are one of those weirdo people who understands the stuff, just name your price.
  14. English Tutor- While we’re told it’s racist, in America, to want people to learn English, people in other countries are begging to be taught English. If you have the qualifications, there are online companies that will line you up with students.
  15. Online Education Tutor- While teaching English in America is frowned upon (by crazies), there is a demand for tutoring kids in other subjects. Again, there are online companies that will set you up.
  16. Services Seller- Can’t teach and don’t know computer stuff, but have other talents? Sell your services through an online company like Fiverr or Upwork.
  17. RV Repair Service- It can be hard to find dependable repair service, and even harder to find mobile RV repair service. If you’ve got experience and know-how, your RV neighbors can probably keep you busy.

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