Roaring River State Park in Missouri


Roaring River State Park, in SW Missouri, is a popular trout fishing destination. And, the park operates a fish hatchery to keep the river stocked. Besides fishing, the park is popular for day use with picnic areas, hiking trails, a playground, swimming area, and the hatchery tour. But, it also offers rustic cabin rentals, modern rooms at the Inn, and 3 campgrounds for RV and tent camping.

Roaring River State Park, site 106

I chose site 106, in campground 2, because it was near the river. But the highway was also well within earshot. By that I mean it sounded like the trucks were driving right in front of our campsite. Which, in fact, they almost were. And the road necessitated that they slow down right there, so it sometimes got loud. Add to that the fact that Roaring River State Park is located in a deep narrow valley, with highways splitting it into like four sections, which means truckers entering the park seem intent on employing their air brakes with earnest. Next time, if there is one, I would definitely choose a spot toward the back of the campground, even if it meant we were further from the river.


Our hero quickly learned that the great wizard, Greymatr, would not always be around to offer his superior wisdom and vast knowledge. There would be many times, such as this day, that the wizard would leave our hero to his own wits.

Our hero, wandering through the vast depths of his own wisdom, sensed a lack of enthusiasm in the fair maiden’s approval of his choice in camping spots. The “shaded” spot he chose did indeed have shade, for about two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening. But, it also had a nice little shade tree (very little), which could shade one person, or even two people if they were on very intimate terms.

As the great wizard would often say, “You learn from your mistakes.” If this was indeed true, our hero would soon be among the wisest men on earth.

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