Lost Bridge North Campground in Arkansas


Lost Bridge North Campground sits on the shore of Beaver Lake, in the Ozark Mountains of NW Arkansas. The campground offers about 48 spacious campsites. The campsites next to the lake are mostly sunny, while those further uphill are mostly shady. And most of the lakeside campsites do not offer water hookups, while most of those uphill appear to do so. There is a dump station near the entrance of park. We had site #06, which had virtually no shade other than late in the evening, but was otherwise a descent site, and had a nice view.

Lost Bridge North Campground, site 06

The sites at Lost Bridge North Campground have fire rings, bbq grills, and picnic tables. The campground also has flush toilets and showers. Activities at Lost Bridge North Campground, mostly revolve around water sports, including fishing, boating, swimming, scuba diving, and water skiing. Other activities include spelunking, sightseeing, picnicking, hiking, and nature observation. The beach was closed when we were there, due to bad water samples from recent heavy rains.

Lost Bridge North Campground offers 2 hiking trails- one is a 20 minute trail, and the other is a 5 hour trail. If you decide to do the 20 minute trail- good luck. It appears to be poorly marked and seldom used. It also crosses paths with the 5 hour trail, so when you think you’re still on the 20 minute trail, you’re actually starting the 5 hour trail (been there, done that). If you get lost, try to find the lake shoreline and follow it back to the campground. Beaver Lake only has 449 miles of shoreline. You’ll eventually get back if you don’t die first.

Is it the 20 minute hike, or the 5 hour hike? I don’t know.

If you camp with an RV, you will have to loop through the middle of the campground and back down to the main road to get out. The road can be confusing, so it’s best to take a walk through the campground and see where you actually want to go.

From Rogers, Arkansas, take Highway 62 east for about 13 miles to Garfield, or from Eureka Springs, travel about 21 miles west to Garfield. Turn south on Highway 127 and continue for 6 miles. Turn left on Marina Road and follow signs to the park. Latitude 36° 24′ 38.9999″ N, Longitude 93° 53′ 35.9999″ W


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