Baxter Campground in Missouri


Baxter Campground, an Army Corp of Engineers campground in SW Missouri, offers 54 camp sites. Amenities include hot showers, drinking water, a dump station and electric hookups. Also included are a swim area, boat ramp, playground and nearby full-service marina.

Recreational activities mostly revolve around water sports such as swimming, scuba diving, boating, fishing, tubing, wakeboarding and water skiing, but also include picnicking, hiking and wildlife viewing. The Baxter marina provides rentals from ski boats to life vests. Table Rock Lake is most famous for bass, and is acclaimed as one of the best bass fishing lakes in this region.

The layout of Baxter campground is somewhat confusing. Some sites are angled one way, and some the other. The road actually goes completely through the camp, and circles back upon itself, so you may have to drive completely through the campground to get angled right. We stayed in site #42. It was very narrow, even for my little Class C, and had an inconvenient twist. Many of the sites are close together. My fire-ring was only a few feet from my neighbor’s rig, so I didn’t dare build a fire. One good thing about Baxter campground, is that the marina is far off to one side, so at least it doesn’t block the view of the lake. We only got 2 bars on the cellphone (Verizon).

Baxter Campground, Table Rock Lake, Missouri

Drive north through Lampe, Missouri, on Highway 13 and turn west onto Highway H. Continue about 5 miles to the campground.

Latitude 36° 34′ 0.9998″ N Longitude 93° 30′ 5.0000″ W


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