Mill Creek Campground in Missouri


Mill Creek is an Army Corp of Engineers campground on the White River Arm of Table Rock Lake in SW Missouri. Many campsites within this park are located adjacent to the waters edge, with the remaining campsites only a short walk from the water.

Mill Creek Campground offers 67 reservable campsites, along with one large reservable group picnic shelter. Amenities include hot showers, drinking water, a dump station and electric hookups. The campground also has a beach, boat ramp, playground, and basketball and volleyball courts.

Recreation at Mill Creek Campground includes picnicking, swimming, scuba diving, boating, fishing, and wildlife viewing. The campground is surrounded by water on three sides, providing a convenient access to the lake.

Table Rock Lake, Mill Creek Campground, site #15

The road down to the campground is steep and twisting, but I really liked the layout of the campground. I believe the campground was above average for ACOE camps in this area. A few of the sites are really small, so be careful when making reservations. We stayed in site #15. It had almost no shade other than midday, but it had plenty of room and the view was awesome. Cellphone service (Verizon) was good.

There are many campsites that sit on a narrow peninsula, but it was mostly closed when we were there due to flooding. I would like to go back, sometime, and camp on the peninsula.

Mill Creek Campground, Missouri,

On Highway 13, between Lampe and Kimberling City, Missouri, turn west onto Highway RB and drive almost a mile to the campground.

Latitude 36° 35′ 37.0000″ N Longitude 93° 26′ 28.0000″ W


On their quest to see “the world”, our hero and his fair maiden began to set up camp for the night. A serpent, laying on the rocks by the water’s edge, seemed to hiss out a warning of impending trouble. But, our hero can’t speak snake, so the warning was mostly ignored.

As our hero rested, watching the sun set, a woodland fairy, apparently taking the shape of a chipmunk, tried to convey the message of coming doom. But, our valiant hero feared nothing, and further ignored the warnings. He is, after all, a seasoned warrior, and has battled the Black Knight many a time at the dump station. Danger, in any form, only emboldens our courageous hero. In fact, his act of taking such an epic journey proves he is a courageous hero.

Or a raving lunatic.

I think it all works out the same in the end.

site of the could-have-been deadly squirrel attack

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