Daisy State Park in Arkansas


Daisy State Park is located near the small town of Daisy, Arkansas, on Lake Greeson, in the Ouachita Mountains. The park is popular for fishing, boating, and kayaking. The park has about 100 campsites, including 3 yurts. It also has an ATV trail, as well as a nice and easy little ¾ mile hiking trail. I think most RV sites offered electric and water, and some also offered sewer hookups.

I can’t say enough good things about this state park, because there’s just not that many good things to say about it.

THE GOOD- The campgrounds are spread out into about 5 camping area, so each one feels small and fairly secluded. Daisy State Park also takes pride in its clean restrooms.

THE BAD- While most of the campsites are near water, there are too many trees to get a good view. There is only one playground among the different sections of the park, so for most, it’s too far for small children to walk. There are few good spots to pitch a tent, mostly sloped and rocky.

You can see the lake through the trees. Don’t kill yourself trying to walk down to it.

THE UGLY- There is no designated swimming area. I understood that it was “OK” to swim, wherever, at your own risk. Most swimmers I saw were in the boat ramp. In most of the campsites I saw, there was a steep path leading down to the lake. I do NOT recommend this park for small children.

A swimming hole. That’s about as good as it gets.

My opinion- If you like to just sit around camp, and enjoy a clean, peaceful campsite, I would recommend this park. But, if you have children who don’t like to sit around, I would not recommend Daisy State Park.


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