As sure a thing as death and taxes, are ants when you go camping. And, if they get into your RV, they become in-laws and never go away. Here are some tips for keeping them out of your RV.

1. Eliminate their food supply- When an ant finds a source of food, it will carry it back to the nest and mark the trail back to the food source with pheromones that lead other ants to the food supply. Don’t leave food, scraps, or food and drink containers lying around. You know the “Leave No Trace” camping rule? Ants are a horde of tiny park rangers that come to visit when you break that rule.

2. Eliminate their water supply- Spots of moisture on counter tops and floors are like a desert oasis. When cleaning, add a little vinegar or bleach to your cleaning water. You can also try adding a few drops of peppermint or tea tree oils.

3. Keep your RV clean- Floors, counters, anything that might contain bits of food, needs to be kept clean. Store open foods in the refrigerator, or in air-tight containers. Take out trash daily.

4. Make your campsite less desirable- Sprinkle coffee grounds, lemon juice, cinnamon, or cayenne pepper around your campsite. I’ve heard that human urine works also, but that trick might only expose your neighbors and unamused officials as ant-lovers.

5. Ant bait- Preferably, this bait would involve a poison or a trap. If that’s too cold-hearted for you, tossing a handful of candy under your neighbors RV works just as well.

6. Poison- There are commercial poisons, but these are bad for the environment. Natural ant poisons, like corn meal or cream-of-wheat are better for the environment, as long as you don’t consider ants a part of the natural environment. The main problem with ant poisons, when camping, is that it mostly benefits the next guy.

7. Focus on the points of entry- Remember, the most likely way ants (or mice) can get into your RV, is to climb up the tires or the electric/water/sewer lines.

Conclusion- Ants are evil. Kill them.

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