Why The RV Life Sucks

The RV life is not all rainbows and unicorns. It can be amazing, or horrible, or anything in between. RV bloggers like to portray the RV life as some kind of utopia, because why would you read their blog if they told you the RV life sucks? The truth is, just like everything else in life, the RV life also has problems and not-so-nice facts of life. Here are some of the most common complaints about embracing this lifestyle.

  1. Downsizing- You have to get rid of most of your stuff because it won’t fit into your RV.
  2. Leaving family and friends- You may have to leave your loved ones, while endlessly roaming.
  3. Decisions, decisions, decisions- Because your RV is mobile, you are endlessly planning your next steps.
  4. The RV life is not cheap- Most people are unaware of the expenses involved in living the RV life.
  5. The RV life is not simple- See my post- THE MYTH- RV LIFE IS SIMPLE
  6. The RV life is not easy- Connecting everything, disconnecting everything. Unpacking, repacking, planning, driving, etc.
  7. Driving, always driving- Unlike the humdrum lifestyle in a brick and stick home, the RV lifestyle usually involves regularly moving. Otherwise, wouldn’t we just be embracing the trailer-trash lifestyle?
  8. Burnout- RVing is freedom from routine, but many people thrive on routine. Sometimes the RV life can be an endless rut of newness. See my post- REASONS PEOPLE LEAVE THE RV LIFE.
  9. RVs break- Put a motor in your stick and brick home, jack it up on wheels, and then drive it roughshod for a hundred thousand miles. See how well it holds up without repairs. RVs constantly need repairs.
  10. Wastewater tanks- Seriously, why would anyone willingly choose to deal with dumping wastewater, on a never-ending basis? The modern, carefree toilet is the 8th wonder of the world, and you want to live without it?

Just like every other lifestyle, the RV life also has problems and not-so-nice facts of life. Enjoy the good, make the best of the bad. Welcome to life.

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