In this installment of 1,001 ways to die in your RV, we will look at bear attacks. Statistics for bear attacks are shrouded in confusion, and mostly target specific national parks. Statistics, however, mean nothing to dead people.

So, how can you survive a confrontation with a bear? The common advise for bear attacks is: Brown- lay down, Black- fight back.

While brown bears basically live in only 3 states, and black bears live in around 30 states, most bear attacks come from brown bears. Black bears are far less aggressive than brown bears, and will generally run away, unless you run away from them, which may instigate an attack.


Make noise when walking through their territory. Bears generally want to avoid you, so let them know you’re coming. Sing, talk to others, make noise. If you’re alone, talk to yourself. If you’re afraid of meeting another person and looking like a weirdo, pretend to be talking to someone on your cellphone. Being a non-mauled weirdo has its advantages.

If you encounter a brown bear, don’t run. Back away slowly, and let it know you are not a threat. Make yourself appear smaller, and don’t look it in the eyes. Pull out your bear spray, and be prepared. Ideally, you should spray when it is about 25 feet away (that’s very close).

Oh, did I forget to mention bear spray? Sorry. No second chances on this one, buddy.

Lay down and play dead. Protect your head and organs. You will most likely be seriously injured.


Make noise when walking through their territory (remember 20-30 states). Black bears are more timid than brown bears, and want to avoid you. If you encounter a black bear, don’t run. NEVER RUN. And, don’t try to climb a tree. Black bears are better climbers than you are. Remember, Black- fight back. But, fight back only if you are attacked, otherwise, don’t show any aggression.

Back away slowly. Let it know you are not a threat. If charged, make yourself appear bigger. Wave your arms and yell. Don’t run, fight. Experts tell us that most charges by black bears are bluffs. If you run, however, you will be mauled.

For tips on how to not invite bears to your campsite, read my post, IF YOU CAMP IN BEAR COUNTRY, YOU WILL DIE!.

Stay safe.

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