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Deer, Elk, and Moose are among the deadliest animals in America. People think they look precious and gentle, but they kill more people than bears. They will attack if they feel threatened or are injured. Also, they tend to be more aggressive during mating season, and during calving season. In fact, the two biggest warning signs are antlers and fawns.

Another risk factor is these animals can become infected with Chronic Wasting Disease. This disease attacks their nervous system, and can make them aggressive. Attacks on humans, by these zombie deer, are not uncommon.

Never approach a baby calf. They are not abandoned, the cow is watching from out of sight. Getting between the mother and calf, could trigger an aggressive response.

In America, injuries from moose attacks outnumber attacks from any other wild animal. Unlike deer and elk, moose are not likely to fear humans or avoid us. Don’t expect a moose to be startled and run away, the same way we might startle a deer on the trail. Moose are not easily frightened, and are unpredictable.

Along with not possessing a fear of man, moose are among the largest land animals in America. If a 150 pound deer can kill you, think what a 1,500 pound moose can do. And, they sport 40 pounds of people-grinding antlers (though they normally just stomp you to death). While not typically aggressive, they can become so quickly. Moose are also considered to be the least social animal on the planet (don’t even think about getting a selfie with one).

So, what can you do to keep from being killed by a deer, elk, moose, or bison?

Anytime a wild animal is reacting to you, you’re too close. Remember, Bison, Moose, Deer, and Elk can all run faster than you. If you encounter any of these, while in a vehicle, remain in the vehicle. These are wild animals, and sometimes want to prove it. Travel in a group, and make lots of noise. If hiking alone, tell someone where you are going and when you expect to return (so they know where to find your remains and scrape them up with a spoon). If you spot a deer, elk, moose, or bison, back away slowly. If it comes toward you, wave your arms and shout. Do not turn your back on it.

If a deer, moose, elk, or bison attacks you, run behind the nearest obstacle, such as a tree or large rock. If you are knocked to the ground, curl up in a fetal position and protect your head and organs. You will possibly be killed.

Stay safe.

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