The Myth- RV Life is Easy.

The RV life is easy? Really? Did we forget or somehow overlook those bothersome little things that make RV life not quite so easy? Perhaps we should remind ourselves of a few of those little things, such as:

You have to plan out every route.

You have to plan for or try to find a place to spend the night.

You always have to try to store everything you think you’ll need, without going over your weight limit.

Then there’s dealing with constant maintenance and repairs.

And trying to find service and repair shops when you need one.

You routinely have to try to find a grocery store, when you move.

And try to find a laundry when you move.

You’re always trying to find a place big enough to park, every time you want to stop.

Because you’re dragging an entire house with you, everywhere you go.

And don’t even think about driving in a big city.

You’re constantly trying to find places to dump, everywhere you go.

Dumping. Dumping. Always dumping.

And always monitoring your wastewater tanks, and knowing exactly how many days you can make it without dumping.

Oh, for the convenience of just flushing, and never giving it a second thought.

Just when you get ready to take a long trip, gas prices go up.

This easy life can put a strain on your relationship.

The easy life can put a strain on your health.


Showers- Quick and fast. And mostly cold, because you don’t want to fill your tanks by running the water till it gets warm (remember the “always dumping” part). Better yet, many RVers only wash off with a wet cloth. Easy.

No Yardwork- After planning, prepping, doing all the necessary RV stuff, and driving 5 hours, you will arrive at your campsite where you don’t have to do yardwork. Easy.


The best things in life are simply not a collection of “easys”.

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