Accidents, also known as unintentional injuries, can occur in an instant and without notice. Every step you take, every move you make, is a potential accident. The slightest misstep, miscalculation, or motor function slip, could suddenly thrust you into the arms of the grim reaper. Normal, everyday life, is waiting in the shadows for a chance to kill you.

I read once that if an elderly man fell and broke a hip, he had a 1 in 3 risk of dying from it (the risk was less in women). Just walking down the steps of your RV, could potentially kill you.

I read once that 10,000 Americans visit the emergency room every year due to accidents involving toilet seats. While an encounter with a grizzly bear is much more dangerous than an encounter with a toilet seat, the odds, based on the number of accidents, makes toilet seats more dangerous than grizzly bears.

More than 10,000 Americans are injured by falling TVs every year (let’s mount it over our heads and shake,rattle, and roll down the highway). Hundreds of people die each year from accidental electrocution. Even forgetting to wash your hands could lead to death.

And, don’t think you can hide from death by locking yourself in at home. The number of deaths from accidental injuries at home, is almost as much as those outside of the home. And, the RV life puts you both inside your home and outside your home at the same time. Also, hundreds of people die each year from accidental strangulation in bed, or by falling out of the bed.

Falls, traffic accidents, and poisonings top the list of unintentional injuries. Let’s add to all this, a great many other ways you can unintentionally kill yourself, such as:

Falling off or through the roof of your RV

In an RV fire

Getting attacked by a bear

Getting attacked by a cougar

Getting attacked by a deer

Getting attacked by a dog

Getting attacked by a spider

Your RV getting overturned by wind

You didn’t check your tires

You didn’t maintain your freshwater tank

Getting struck by lightning

Getting caught in a flash flood

Getting caught In a wildfire

Getting caught in a tornado

Going camping in cold weather

About once every three minutes, a person in the US dies from an avoidable accident, and about 100 people per minute require medical treatment for accidental injuries. Trust me, Death is lurking in the shadows for a chance to kill you.

Stay safe.

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